3D-Coat – Update 4.5.16


Update infos for version 4.5.16


  • Restored Projection scale.
  • Fill whole layer/Refill layer in UV mapping mode.
  • Correct offset on VoxLayer tool in „Average normal“ mode.
  • Measure tool : „Fixed Length“ corrected in scenes with initial scale


  • SHIFT LMB: rotate panorama, SHIFT RMB: blur panorama
    This is good to estimate glare of the model. You need to re-select navigation scheme to get the effect.


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version…

 Infos about using 3D-Coat versions:

  • 3D-Coat beta versions can be used by registered users only. You have to register the current release to be able to use the current beta.
  • You are invited to test and use the new beta version while the whole developing process until the official release.
  • The permission to use the beta ends at the final release date. In this case you are able to buy the new release.
  • Beta versions are NOT final releases! Be careful using them for your projects.

Christoph Werner

Christoph Werner creates cg graphics since 1991. Christoph works today as an Art Director and CG Artist mainly for the video game industry. Besides creating arts he is publishing tutorials. He is an official tutor for the software 3D-Coat.

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