Hint: Increase viewport performance in blender

Do you have problems displaying high poly meshes in blender?

You have a next gen graphics card but blenders viewport displays high poly meshes very slow.
There is a way to increase the viewport framerate significantly!

To increase the viewport performance there is a small but important option in the system panel of blenders preferences window. Enabling the VBO (vertex buffer objects) option increases the openGL viewport speed a lot.

Important: Newer versions of blender does not offer this option anymore. In version 2.79 f.e. the VBO option is removed.

The following image displays where option can be found in older versions:


Switching on the Vertex Buffer Option in blender increases the viewport performance a lot.

Christoph Werner

Christoph Werner creates cg graphics since 1991. Christoph works today as an Art Director and CG Artist mainly for the video game industry. Besides creating arts he is publishing tutorials. He is an official tutor for the software 3D-Coat.

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