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3D Gallery

Welcome to my 3D gallery. You find here some of the 3D models I created. This gallery will grow slowly.  So it is good to visit my site from time to time and see what is new.

If you have questions about a model or how I did it, then drop me a line.

„l’amour du blanc“

This is a project I have created for myself.

I had this idea of a puristic architectual scene with mainly dark background colors and one colorful spot, in this case represented by red berries in the right center of the table.

I tried to invest enough time to have a nice image but not too much time to not to „get lost“ in details… So this scene needed about two or three days for all work. This includes modeling, texturing, lighting, test renders and additional fx like color tweaks and more contrast.

As always created in Blender and rendered with Cycles.


Windrunner Statue

I love to experiment with materials. At the moment I am very fascinated of blenders node system. For this project I created two materials.

The first material I named „Rusty Gold“. I had the imagination of an old gold material with smooth green patina.

The second material was more an accident… I called it „Cold Lava“. The interesting of this material is the dynamic color variation. The colors are iridiscent while you rotate the object and are changing the values on thy fly. Looks really cool.

Ok then. Enough words. Here is the result. I hove you like it.


„The Living Room Project“ – A blender scene.

This is my first interior render project created in the open source 3D software blender.

The origin idea came from my wife. We talked about a new wall color in our personal living room and about to buy some new furniture. So I started to rebuild our living room in 3D to show her the new wall colors – actually…

First I created the walls, to show the wall color – but the room looked very empty. So I began to add some more objects, and some more and more – and „suddenly“: The complete room was ready. I used the project too, to get a deeper insight into blender.

Render time: About 4 hours per image (4K) on a GeForce GTX 1080Ti.

By the way: You can support my work by buying the scene. For example you can use it to check the render settings I used in blender or how I created the material nodes, or the carpet etc. More infos about the package can be found in my gumroad shop here:


Realtime models from my free Tutorial series on YouTube

Here you see the results of my popular 3D-Coat tutorial series on YouTube. For everyone who do not know it: you get 11 hours of completely free tutorials how to create games content in 3D-Coat. I use two weapons for examples. The hammer is recorded in english language and the axe videos are for the german audience.

You can watch the tutorials directly on my YouTube channel here:

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