First download product at gumroad


My first download product at gumroad!

I have prepared my first download package at gumroad.

The set is full of great stuff. If you followed my 3D-Coat fantasy weapon tutorial series on YouTube, then you know the nice models I’ve created there. Two fantasy weapons called The Warhammer and The Waraxe.

Now you can buy the complete model set!

What will you get?

  • The package contains the complete 3D-Coat scenes of both tutorials (English and German).
  • For all people who are interested in using my models for their own game and don’t own 3D-Coat I have exported the weapons seperately. You will get the models in the file formats obj and fbx. In this way you can import them in the most 3D apps.
  • Of course all important textures were exported too. The color, normal and specular maps have a resolution of 2048 pixels.
  • As an additional bonus I have prepared a marmoset tortoise scene for all of you marmoset users.

I hope you like this idea and understand it as a way of support my work.

Thank you all for watching my videos in the last months!

Click on the button below to visit my gumroad shop.

Model set: Warhammer & Waraxe