My test results for 3D-Coats new Autopo update

Hi friends.

I have made some tests with the new Autopo routine that you can find in the current 3D-Coat version update (v.4.5.04).

I invested some hours to create a really „autopo killer object“ and to find the right settings for this individual model. Maybe you will use different setting for your models, but this one works fine for me in this situation.

You can find the settings in the first gallery image.

The calculation needed below a minute on a i7-3770 @3.8 GHz. The sculpting mesh has 5.85 million polys. The calculated end tri amount was about 10.000. I set the poly value to 5.000 (Poly are always meant as quads here, not tris!)

Take a look at my results. Such quality was impossible in the prior versions of 3D-Coat.


  • Never use „decimate model“ values over 50.
  • A higher „voxelized object poly count“ results in better quality. But 1.000 is ok for most situations.
  • „Capture details“ works fine at high values. But you don’t need them really in flat objects.