3D-Coat – Update 4.5.08


Update infos for version 4.5.08
( Including update infos for v.4.5.07 )


  • Cube with fillet primitive
  • Very fast OpenCL based AO calculation routine!
  • Voxels->plane tool got forward/back buttons with + – hotkeys for ease of plane positioning.


  • AO OpenCL baking routine problems fixed.
  • Sphere primitive density fixed.
  • Fixed problem with projection painting.
  • Fixed several small issues of new measure tool.
    (undo of manually edit coordinates, doubleclick to finish chunk, auto erase empty chunks)
  • Fixed click to place issue for sphere primitive.

Important developer infos by Andrew Shpagin

This is the first build that is compiled with Visual Studio 2013, it should be stable enough and may even be faster, but need to be handled carefully.

In comparison to 4.5.03 this version contains many important fixes, so if all is OK this build has the chance to be the next stable point. To be shure we need your testing.

Also, I started to refactoring the code to make it better organised, documented and more readable. Possibly 3D-Coat will become a half-open source app (but I may not guarantee).

In the next month no new features will be introduced and no important fixes expected if this buld will became stable. I need the time to perform a good refactoring version. Othervice we will not be able to develop still in 3-4 years because of code complexity and disorganisation. So this stage is very important for the future of 3D-Coat. The code refactoring will not bring something new to you but it will allow us to fix upcoming problems easier, develop faster and extend the programmers team.

Thank you.


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version…

 Infos about using 3D-Coat versions:

  • 3D-Coat beta versions can be used by registered users only. You have to register the current release to be able to use the current beta.
  • You are invited to test and use the new beta version while the whole developing process until the official release.
  • The permission to use the beta ends at the final release date. In this case you are able to buy the new release.
  • Beta versions are NOT final releases! Be careful using them for your projects.