3D-Coat – Update 4.5.29 (beta)

blog_updateUpdate infos for version 4.5.29 (beta)


  • Shading using PBR was essentially changed. Now GGX lighting is natively supported. What does it actually means:
  1. Almost all voxel sculpting shaders are PBR compatible now. Each shader has a rich set of parameters, including different textures, sss, gloss, metalness, cavity and bulge settings. This allows a very good support of cavity and bulge presented in realtime.
  2. All PBR shader effects (except pseudo SSS effect) will be exactly baked into the paint room.
  3. PicMat-s are also present but it is not guaraneed they will be baked correctly, so use them only on intermediate stage.
  4. GGX exact support means compatibility with most of the current engines and renders!
  5. Painting over mesh is „as is“ without modulation on background shader color. But painting over layer 0 is disabled for voxels/surface.
  • Factures are included in this build (DX version only). This is essentially beta stuff, so it is just for review.
    Factures are an addional covering over the voxel/surface objects. We take a tiled texture and mix it with random pieces seamlessly. It allows to cover meshes with tiled textures without tiling. Also it allows to texture objects without UV-s at all. It is very important for landscapes. It was developed a long time ago, but now we decided to expose it as beta tool.
    To use factures go to Paint room, open Windows->Popups->Factures and select „facture“. Now paint over an object. The texture will be modulated by selected color.


  • Old shaders are disabled because the new shader system was completely rewritten.
  • Old panoramas are disabled, you will need to add them as HDR or EXR files from scratch.


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version…

 Infos about using 3D-Coat versions:

  • 3D-Coat beta versions can be used by registered users only. You have to register the current release to be able to use the current beta.
  • You are invited to test and use the new beta version while the whole developing process until the official release.
  • The permission to use the beta ends at the final release date. In this case you are able to buy the new release.
  • Beta versions are NOT final releases! Be careful using them for your projects.