3D-Coat – Update 4.7.17 (beta)

blog_updateInfos for 3D-Coat – Update 4.7.17 (beta)


  • Proxy slider. Windows->Proxy slider allows to change proxy density  on the fly.


  • Correct inverted mask preview in cube/cylinder/etc mapping modes.
  • Edit in external editor padding problems fixed
  • PSD edit in PS padding width increased in correspondence with settings
  • Fixed buggy merely visible glow around the stroke with gloss/metallness


  • A lot of new shaders for concept design (not for baking).
  • Instant Light preset included


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version… (3D Coat forum member account required)

 Infos about using 3D-Coat versions:

  • 3D-Coat beta versions can be used by registered users only. You have to register the current release to be able to use the current beta.
  • You are invited to test and use the new beta version while the whole developing process until the official release.
  • The permission to use the beta ends at the final release date. In this case you are able to buy the new release.
  • Beta versions are NOT final releases! Be careful using them for your projects.