TexTools for blender

I have found this great texture tool for blender called TexTools. You may know the tool from 3ds  Max. The AddOn is completely free and should found its way to every 3D artist who use blender for work.

Current features include: Easy Texture BakingUV Align and Selection tools and Texel Density tools.

Official website


Overview of the current version

New features

Crop tool

Crops UVs to the selection

Get and set Texel density

With 2 scale modes: by individual islands or as a whole

Resize UV

Extends or shrinks the UV canvas

UV channel inspector and swap uv channels

There is also a new bake object type detection: geometry floaters

Its more of a edge case right now but when baking AO from a floater geonetry by separating it from the highpoly and tagging it as a floating object it will prevent baking shadows.