The Lego Wormworld Saga – Fan artwork

It is about time to publish a new private artwork.

As you maybe know Daniel Lieske, the author of the online graphic novel The Wormworld Saga, is my best friend and had a round birthday some time ago.

So I had the idea to create a 3D artwork for him and let print the final image to have a poster gift.

Daniel has his poster now and I am able to present the result to the public.

Technical infos

  • All 3D models in this scene were build completely in Blender, but the hair
  • Hair model sculpted and retopologized in 3D-Coat
  • All rendered in Cycles
  • Post FX in Adobe Photoshop

The results

Important notes

This is NOT a real movie poster and there is NO „The Lego Wormworld Saga“ movie planned (As I know…).

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