Update info collection for beta v4.8.12 – 4.8.23

blog_updateComplete collection of recent 3D-Coat – Update infos
for beta versions 4.8.12 – 4.8.23 since March 2018

Fixes & Improvements

  • Fixed the crash problem in the measure tool( point of the first click equals to point of the second click)
  • Problem of flipping pen direction fixed.
  • Fixed export crash
  • Measurement units kepth between sessions
  • fixed problem of scaling during fill (if scene has scale <> 1)
  • fixed rare crash related to complex UI configurations.
  • Fixed painting with symmetry problems – incorrect alpha rotation.
  • Correct lasso job in UV preview window.
  • 3DC does not calculate cavity/occlusion for invisible objects.
  • Solved problem of UI layout changes during new/import/applinks interaction.
  • Fixed problems of RMB/LMB outside the curves window.
  • Fixed Undo issue if you delete object from the vox tree using backet icon.
  • Proxy additional warning to prevent loosing cached volumes.
  • Doubleclick to delete point in curve window, correct edit of Tapering and other windows with curves on smaller screens.
  • Correct name of volume after merging mesh with complex extension
  • Highlight volume information correctly stored, not lost after Coat’s restart.
  • Correct “Pick point 1/2” picking in Fill tool.
  • Solved different problems of volumes multiselection.
  • Fixed script commands SetCurVolume, SelectVolume.
  • OpenVDB codec enabled.
  • Baking corrected. There was a lot of problems of baking non-closed objects in surface representation.
  • Polished Joints snapping tool.
  • Continuous development of curves.
  • Fixed Cut&Clone tool
  • Fixed different multiselection problems.
  • Correct volume highlight, there was problem with completely metallic shaders
  • Correct “Run brush along curve” – it was not working for some UI layouts.
  • Fixed problem of metalness painting with custom alphas.
  • Snap joints tool introduced, this is kitbashing, lego-like modeling. It is suitable for children and for adults. Only a few models there, we will extend kit by the time.
  • Huge changes in curves. Filling curve by patch works stable and provides good quality. Filling with holes inside supported. Just add curve in sub-tree of filled curve and it will be treated as hole. Boolean operations between curves in 3D. Many changes related to curves.
  • Tutorials/scripted missions for newbies introduced for fast diving in!
  • Ghost All works correctly
  • AppLink export corrected.
  • Import Raw Voxel data speeded up 10 – 20x.
  • Skip textures export if need (checkbox in export dialog).
  • Axial rotation in text primitive.
  • Fixed problem of positioning Tool params window
  • Select visible islands in UV/Retopo rooms with rectangle.
  • Store camera/[panorama data to the preset.
  • Curves “Apply” corrected to work in all tools.
  • Possibility to click to fill in material editor (in fill tool)
  • Better picking corners in all windows where curve edit required.
  • Fixed problems with 8k curvature.
  • Retopo via decimation works correctly with objects of non 1.0 scale.
  • Lasso works correctly in fill tool
  • Correct Transform+pick volumes. Use CTRL/SHIFT to select/unselect.
  • fixed problem of some commands in space menu (at the end of list)
  • Fixed potential instability in Light Baking Tool.
  • RFill (Quad Fill) included into regular retopo toolset, corrected to work as expected.
  • Fixed scale of objects in Instant meshes
  • AppLinks specifications updated
  • Space Menu shortcuts bar problems fixed
  • Instant meshes integration. Press RMB over object, AUTOPO->….. It supports symmetry. Don’t expect too much. It is about robustness and stability, but not about too great quality.
  • Autopo density problems fixed.
  • Posibility of 16-bit export for displacement in export constructor.
  • Metal support in picture transform tool. If gloss enabled, imported image will be with metallness. You may vary it with slider.
  • FlipX, FlipY, FlipZ for Tweak room
  • CTRL+UnifyUV to unify UV sets with same names.
  • Import multiple objects for PPP.
  • Correct PSD export, correct dropping to PS with smart materials with masks. But still have problems with attached materials. Export is OK, getting back is sometimes problematic.
  • Backface culling in retopo works correctly
  • If 3D-Coat unable to start, it tries to diagnose and troubleshoot the problem.
  • Prevenfing pivot to appear far from scene boundbox.
  • To Global / To Uniform space works correctly with multiselection.
  • Save VoxTree elements as 3B file works correctly with multiselection. And many other corrected to be compatimle with multiselection.
  • Smart transtion between perspective and orthographic mode that keeps scale of scene near the pivot point.
  • Correct pivot point management. Avoiding situation when it is randomly set somewhere outside the real scene. Left/Fromt/… views corrected to avoid – situations when you see nothing in scene after switching.
  • Primitives in primitives history correct boolean operation type update.
  • Tablet pen pressure should be float to support more pressure levels
  •  Fixed undercuts (was destroyed)
  • Fixed symmetry painting bug (with unsymmetrical alphas).
  • Painting with facture works after resampling
  • Fixed problem of too bright border when you select VoxTree item in incremental rendering mode
  • Constant growing in voxel “Airbrush” tool as written in description.
  • Highlight tweaked to be less aggressive


  • Correct points extrude function over partially selected curve.
  • Primitives for curves
  • Curves->Modifiers menu
  • Extrude points
  • A lot of polishing of different tools.
  • Back side of curve visibility toggle.
  • Fill by patch remade. Should be faster and more accurate.
  • Joining points.
  • Reworked RMB menu
  • Projecting points on plane
  • Correct EPS/spline import export. IGES supported. But IGES is not included in community version, if you need to test it, send me request I will send special key.
  • Possibility to link several points if snapping to points enabled. They will be moved together.
  • many more small changes
  • New curves are in very good state. Still need a lot of development, but now it is closer to Corel in 3D. Still beta. (Edit->Prefs->ShowNewCurvs)
  • Curves modifiers got button “Attach to selected curves”.


The sculpt layers version is a special beta version and in heavy development. It has a “SL” suffix in the file name. You will find the download on Google Drive.

  • Duplicate layer works correctly
  • Reproject tool polished, correctly works with scale, well documented via tooltips, may project color and depth and keep all this in layers.
  • Reprojection tool! Yo may reproject using brush or whole scene
  • fixed flickering of UI during depth opacity changing.
  • Merge Down, Merge Visible
  • correct load/save of scene
  • A lot of polishing and bugfix.


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version… (3D Coat forum member account required)

 Infos about using 3D-Coat versions:

  • 3D-Coat beta versions can be used by registered users only. You have to register the current release to be able to use the current beta.
  • You are invited to test and use the new beta version while the whole developing process until the official release.
  • The permission to use the beta ends at the final release date. In this case you are able to buy the new release.
  • Beta versions are NOT final releases! Be careful using them for your projects.

Christoph Werner

Christoph Werner creates cg graphics since 1991. Today he works freelance as a CG Artist, Art Director and Tutor.

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