CW Eye – Procedural Eye Material for Blender

Info | Updated 2021-12-08

CE Eye for Cycles is working in Blender v3.

Because of Eevee core changes in Blender v3 my experimental version of CW Eye with Cat Eyes is now also working.

CW Eye v2 News! | Updated 2019-05-09

CW Eye v2 is in progress. For everyone who can’t await the upcoming update I’ve prepared an special alpha version for testing purposes. All customers gets free lifetime updates for my materials. So just log into your preferred shop account and download the new alpha version. To buy the material please visit my online shops:

What’s new in v2 alpha 1 version?

    • Completely Blender 2.8 compatible
    • Works in Eevee and Cycles renderer
    • Completely rebuild for faster feedback
    • New: Cat eyes
    • New: Glass FX

… more features are in progress, so stay tuned!

Enough words. Log into your customer account and and get the preview version!

Yours Chris

PS: The .blend file of the preview version is saved in Blender 2.8. But you can append the material into version 2.79 if you like. The material works there, too.

CW Eye v2 is in progress! Rendered in Blenders realtime renderer Eevee.
Material preview. More options in progress.

General Description

CW Eye is a procedural material shader tree for the open source software Blender. You can create countless eye variations just by changing some values in the shader. Starting at „simple“ human eyes you can create eyes for aliens, zombies or whatever you imagine.

Five cool eye presets are included in this package. Feel free to use them as a starting point for your own variations!

Your results can be baked optionally into textures by using Blenders internal bake system.

You can download the material on Blender Market or in my Download Shop on Gumroad. The links are placed below this article or click on the banner in my website footer.

Procedural Eye Examples

Color and normal map baking example


  • No uv information needed
  • Customise iris size, colors and two adjustable pattern styles
  • Add an iris shadow and customise its position and smoothness
  • Customise pupil size and color
  • Customise sclera color
  • Customise veins color and influence
  • Bumpmap support for veins and iris
  • Addtional effects like iris splotches and iris border shadow
  • Fresnel reflection effect and reflection intensity supported

Package includes

  • .blend file ( Created in Blender version 2.79 )
  • Five example presets. Included in the Blender scene.
  • Renderings of the eye presets.

Please do not sell or transfer this shader without my permission. You are allowed to use the shader for your own projects, commercial and free. By buing this product you support my work to create more cool stuff. 🙂


Two ways to download:

  1. Visit the Blender Market if you like to support the Blender Foundation: Visit Blender Market
  2. Visit my Download Shop on gumroad to get the material: Go to Gumroad.


General material description for version 1

Update infos for version 1.3

Update infos for version 1.2

Update infos for version 1.1

Baking tutorial

This is a short tutorial how to bake my CW Eye material infos into a regular texture page. So you can use it as a texture in other 3D apps or games f.e.