My Skills

3D graphics

3D graphics is something that has always fascinated me. Here are my 3D skills:

  • 3D-Modeling
  • 3D-Sculpting
  • 3D-Texturing
  • Realtime assets for video games (Complete workflow)
  • PBR based material creation
  • High poly image rendering

2D graphics

I am practised in traditional drawing techniques and create digital artworks since 1991. Here are my 2D skills:

  • Concept Art
  • Illustrations
  • Screendesign (Longstanding experience in creating screendesign for computer games and apps)

Coding & Scripting

I am actually not a coder but I gathered some script programming experience within the time in the software industry. So I can read programming code up to a certain level and write my own code. This helps me to create custom solutions for some topics while my daylie work.

  • PHP (Advanced knowledge)
  • HTML (Advanced knowledge)
  • CSS (Advanced knowledge)
  • MySQL (Basic knowledge)
  • Python (Basics)

What about animation?

Animation is a very complex topic, that is underrated by many people. It’s not my main focus, to be honest. But I can serve the most needs in creating animations, so I’m open for all challenges.

My Software

Software I am using:

I always try to organise my work, so I am using office tools like MS Word, MS Excel etc. everyday, too. Furthermore I own a collection of small tools and plugins to view, organise and convert image data or create material channels and 3D assets faster.

Software I am experienced with, but not using regularly:

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects

Asset management tools experience

I am experienced in some project management related workflows and software. Here is the list of the software and topics I was involved in: