Tutorial: „Fantasy weapon“ Episode 5

Part 5 (English) – How to create a 3D model for video games – Topic: Fantasy weapon

Yesterday our summer was extremely hot and muggy here in germany. We had 95 F (35°C). So I used the time in our cooler house to record the 5th episode of the english version of my fantasy weapon tutorial series. I hope you like the result. 🙂

In this episode of my tutorial series you will learn how to create a repeatable pattern. This pattern will be used as a mask in 3D-Coat to extrude ornaments on the weapon. The interesting part is: The pattern need to placed on a round surface and must fit exactly. You will learn the whole process beginning in creating the mask in photoshop with vector graphics up to using the result in 3D-coat.

Preview: Episode 6 will introduce the texturing part. There I will begin to retopologize the highpoly model to get a low poly mesh for the game engine.

Best wishes