3D-Coat – Update 4.5.03


Version history for updates 4.5.00 – 4.5.03


  • Seamless ppp import – there was a problem with auto-imported objects textures seams.
  • „Import“ tool with „Import w/o voxelizing“ will not merge together all volumes (it was happening random previously).
  • correct rendering of „_negative“ objects in „Import tool“ (ex merge).
  • Complete japanese characters set included, english version loads faster due to skipping loading texture with complete character set.
  • Fixed problem during loading of scenes where some volumes was isolated using ALT-click.
  • Copy/paste problem fixed – Mantis bug #253
  • New disconnected UV islands will be auto-unwrapped without collapsing to spot afer switching to other retopo tool if Retopo->Auto update … is turned ON.


  • Space menu click on command fixed – dialog was appearing under menu.
  • separate VoxTree item exported to separate materials/surfaces for ease of assigning materials/effects in exernal tools.
  • UDIM + PBR compatibility problems fixed, there was problems with seams.
  • Fixed VoxHide and Unhide all mantis issue #0001892.
  • Fixed problem with the adjustment and cancel. Generally wider problem fixed.
  • Copy/paste smart material layers.
  • New option in Preferences->Viewport: Allow material navigation via LMB/RMB dragging in viewport.
  • UI fix: clicking outside the check box will not trigger the value.
  • Exploding mesh during resolution changig in ppp & show displaced mesh mode fixed.
  • Sphere tool with „Draw from first point“ corrected, was almost unuseable.

Release version: 4.5.00

  • Smart matrial preview brightness independent on scene brightness.
  • Torus/spiral primitives faces size brought to same standard as other primitives.
  • Isolate and undo are interacting correctly.
  • Copy channels supports vertex painting.
  • Import for vertex painting will import color into Layer 1 instead of Layer 0.


Click here for download: Current 3D-Coat version