Hint: Start blender on a second display

blendertipp001Are you using two displays and need blender on the second screen?

blender starts in the main display by default.
The problem: blender starts always in the main display, even if you move the window to the second display and save the prefs. Next time blender starts in the first display again…

Users with two displays prefer to open individual apps in the second screen very often. So what can they do?

There is a very flexible solution for starting blender at any screen position. A special screen position placement parameter solves this problem. To place blender at any screen position at start you just have to add some values to the blender EXE file.

An example for windows users how to start blender at any screen position:

  1. Right click on the blender app icon on your desktop
  2. Open the Properties
  3. Switch to the shortcut tab if not already active
  4. In the target input field add the following parameters after the last quotation marks behind blender.exe:
    "C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender-app.exe" -p 1600 0 1920 1200

What does the options behind the blender.exe mean?

blender detects your whole desktop as one screen. In my example I have two displays. The first display has a width of 1600 pixels and the second one a width of 1920 pixels and a height of 1200 pixels. After you know this you will now understand the paramenters I used in my example.

First I have to move the blender window to the area where my second screen starts. This area is beginning at the x-coordinate 1600. Why not 1601? Because the x-axis is starting at 0. So my 1st screen width ends at 1599 pixels. The second begins at 1600 pixels.

The most important positioning info

blender screen y-coordinates are not starting at the upper left corner for placing our window! The screen height begins at the BOTTOM of your screen and moves up. So I type in where the blender window have to start. In my example at the y-position of 0, the very LAST bottom pixel line in my second screen. I don’t know why they do this in this way, but you have to keep this in mind!

blender screen position paramenters syntax:

The blender window screen position syntax

"[YourBlenderInstallationPath]/blender.exe" -p [blenderwindow_x-start_pos] [blenderwindow_y-start_pos] [blenderwindow_width>] [blenderwindow_height]