The Wormworldsaga Statue

You might know the online comic series called The Wormworld Saga by Daniel Lieske.

Daniel is my best buddy and we know us since years. We spend a lot of time together, mostly online in skype talks while our daily work, but we meet us in „the real world“ too of course. ­čÖé

Some time ago I was looking for a finger exercise to revive my 3D sculpting skills. Daniel asked me how about to create an asset for his comic series? I loved this idea and he send me a sketch for reference, that he drew sometime ago. It was an old ancient statue, somewhere in The Wormworld.

We used my small exercise to make some tests for an technical idea Daniel had. He was interested in how direct projected textures would look on a realtime model, without any additional shading. To achieve this we use a special painting technique, that we don’t want to reveal at this point…

You can see the result below.

Some basic infos

  • The sketch was drew by Daniel in Adobe Photoshop.
  • I have done the sculpting, retopology and UV sets in 3D Coat.
  • For the basic greyscale render of the statue I used the┬áCycles┬árenderer in Blender.
  • I painted the textures in combination with 3D Coat and Adobe Photoshop. 3D Coat support a way to paint in Adobe Photoshop and project the painting information directly onto the model inside 3D Coat. So the artist can use his favourite brushes in Photoshop and is free in his art techniques. Simultanously you can stay in 3D Coat to choose between different camera angles to paint on.
  • Finally we used 3D Coat to export the realtime model and textures for some tests in the┬áUnity engine┬áwhich can be used for free.

The result