Rock Garden Pavillion

It was time to „go outside“ and create an outdoor architectual visualisation. So I decided to seek for a small scene to stay in my two day investment time when creating personal assets. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and can’t be achieved always but this time it went smoothly. I think I have created a nice example of my skills to create realistic plants and outdoor visualisations. Of course there is potential for more details, but the two days ended now…

For the interested people

  • All assets created in Blender. This time I used Blenders ability to sculpt and created the rocks in this way. Normally I use 3D Coat for this kind of things, but I wanted to stay completely in Blender this time.
  • I used particles and the „Grass Free“ Addon for the grass and the flowers.
  • For the trees I used Blenders internal AddOn „Sapling Tree Gen“. I was very surprised how much is possible here.
  • No lights used for the lighting setup. Just an hdr environment and an emission material for the garden lights in the evening shot.