Sculptured Bases for Tabletop Games

After a small client project for a tabletop minatures painting company I had the idea to create an own small collection of miniatures. The client project will be released next year. I will report it to you then.

But I can show you my try. The results are a set of five bases located in a imaginary world, full of giants and dragons.

I’ve created the bases in 3D Coat and rendered the presentations in Blenders upcoming realtime renderer Eevee. It was my first try to render a whole scene in Eevee.

If you are interested in your own miniatures, drop my me a line.

If you like you can buy the bases. Visit my shop at gumroad to download them or got ot shapeways and order a 3D print.

Enough of words! Here are the results.

The complete base set

The Fire Dragon Egg

The Lava Stones

The Lava stream

The Broken Dragon Anchor