CW Carbon Collection – New Blender material

Hello friends.

Some time ago I’ve made experiments in Blender to create a node tree for an extended tiling function. Because I like carbon materials I’ve used this topic to create a node group that can create tiled texture patterns – I called it the “CW TilingTool”. I’ve used the node tree for private.

The end result of my experiments is a collection of 12 carbon texture variations, called CW Carbon Collection+. The material comes with a lot of adjustable options and the uv coordinates are controlled by my TilingTool. You will find the tool as a unique node group in the node tree of the main material. If you like, you can extract the TilingTool and use it for your own materials. I would appreciate it.

The CW CarbonCollection works with Blenders Cycles render engine. I’ve created the shader tree in Blender 2.79b.

A version for Blender 2.8 will be released as soon as 2.8 gets more stable and reach the beta status.

How to get it?

Visit my gumroad page to get the material here:

If you want to support the Blender foundation, then use my Blendermarket link here:

Did you know it? I have a shop on artstation too: