CW Eye – compatibility update

Info | Updated 2021-12-08

CE Eye for Cycles is working in Blender 3.

Because of Eevee core changes in Blender v3 my experimental version of CW Eye with Cat Eyes is now also working.

Version 1.4 | Updated 2021-01-27

This version works from Blender 2.9 – For Cycles renderer only 

This update was created to ensure the compatibility for new Blender versions. All known features from version 1.3 are working with Blender from version 2.9 now.

For Eevee tests please try the 2.0 experimental/alpha version, that is included in this package. The alpha is working up to Blender version 2.83.

Version 1.3 for Cycles is still included in this package to support 2.83 LTS versions.

Thank you for your support!