Blender tutorial: Rig a car without using Addons

My new Blender tutorial is published. It’s longer than my regular videos.

The reason for the expanded video length is bacuse it’s supported by the „Künstlerstipendium im Rahmen der NRW-Corona-Hilfen in Germany.


In this tutorial I show you a rig setup to control a car. No custom rigging Addons are needed, just Blender.

After this tutorial you’ll be able to let drive a vehicle on a custom defined path. You define the driving direction and speed. And the car just follows. The wheels will rotate using the right revolution, even backwards if necessary. And the car driver behaves also realistic and moves the steering wheel according to the wheels current direction.

All this happens completely automatically, without setting dozens of keyframes! The whole animation is controlled just by one value!

Target group

This video is for users who are interested in creating animation rigs for vehicles in Blender. It’s perfect if you’re an intermediate user and for all who are interested in rigging. If you don’t like to watch the full video, you can use the links on YouTube to jump directly to the topic you’re interested in.

Please drop me a comment on YouTube, if you’ve any questions. I’ll try to answer as soon as possible.

Click below to watch the tutorial video

Professional version

Below you’ll find a version for professional artists. I you don’t need detailed information and just want to see what is happening under the hood, this is the right one for you. This video is much shorter than the tutorial for beginners above but you need some Blender experience to understand the description.