CW Fuse - A Sparks Generator

CW Fuse – A Sparks generator

Hello Blender friends.

I’ve published „CW Fuse – A Sparks Generator“ for Blender.

This Addon is an asset library ready Geometry Nodes Tree that can be used to create classic bomb fuses or sparklers. Watch my demo video, to see how it works. There’s also a documentation playlist on YouTube that includes all features.

How to get it

Here are the shops, where you can get it. Choose the one, you prefer the most:

At ko-fi:

At gumroad :

At Blendermarket:

At Artstation:

At Flipped Nomals

Demo Video

This is the documentation videos playlist on YouTube, how to use my Addon. Watch it on YouTube, to see the complete playlist with 9 videos.

Documentation Videos